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DateSelector is the control which can be used to select date from the list.

Project is now included into the Vodnev WPF Controls Micro Pack

Picture 1. DateSelector example application with all properties in their default values.

DateSelector has several important members:
  • SelectedDate – gets or sets visible date;
  • MinimumYear – gets or sets minimum year in the list;
  • MaximumYear – gets or sets maximum year in the list;
  • ControlStyle – an enumeration, sets one of the predefined templates;
  • LocaleName – gets or sets months names;
  • SelectedDateChanged – an event raised when SelectedDate changes.

You can use one of predefined templates via ControlStyle property. Today only “Default”, “Touchscreen” and "TouchscreenYearOnly" templates are available, and you also can create your own. An example of custom template is included into the demo application (DateSelectorCustomTemplateDictionary.xaml).

If MinimumYear property value is greater than MaximumYear, last assigned value will be used for both MinimumYear and MaximumYear.
LocaleName gets and sets months names language. If no value is assigned, CultureInfo.CurrentCulture will be used.

Picture 2. DateSelector with ControlStyle.Touchscreen and LocaleName “it-IT”.

Picture 3. DateSelector with custom template applied.

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